The Reason for the Rise of Poker

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There is a rather optimistic view that online poker may soon experience another boom. It seems that interest in online poker in the gaming industry as a whole is growing again, fuelling the desire to rethink outdated poker products. But before we turn to optimistic speeches about online poker, let’s take a look again at how we got to the present state.

Downward trend

The popularity of poker qiu qiu online has gradually faded over the past few years and online poker, which is now one the most prominent games after the 2003 poker boom, was relegated to the rank of third-rate game. This accounts for about six per cent of all online gambling revenue in Europe according to the reports. For comparison, sports and online casino rates are 41% and 46%, respectively.

The Popularity

Part of the drop in the popularity of poker can be explained by the recent impulse to consolidate the online gaming industry. This led to the fact that poker, casino and sports betting were cut one size fits all. Being the smallest piece of cake compared to online casinos and sports betting, poker was in the back seat of a car that is controlled by sports betting from an online casino in the passenger seat. But this shift in priorities does not fully explain the current trend to reduce the importance of poker. And, despite a number of reasons, one stands out more than others.

The US Market

The loss of the US market due to UIGEA at the end of 2006 and the subsequent finishing blow in the form of Black Friday on April 15, 2011 is the main reason that gambling sites began to dig a poker grave. The US was the largest (in terms of the player pool) market in the online poker world, and when it was cut off, the size and scale of the online poker industry fell dramatically overnight.

It is impossible to compete with a company that has a 50-70% market share and is in fact the most beloved of the poker community. Therefore, in the end, many of these operators began to pay attention to other non-poker spheres. But it seems that this trend is changing, and companies can look again in the direction of online poker. And that’s why.

Renewed interest

The world of poker does not stand still, and while most professional players are not too enthusiastic about the new direction of its development (let’s call it the anti-Sheinberg movement), now that online poker sites have begun to develop its recreational model, other companies may be interested in investing money in their poker products.

Of course, the legalization of online games in the US has been very protracted, but in three states, online poker has already been settled, and a few more seriously consider it. They are New York, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan and Massachusetts. As you can see from the example of New Jersey, the brands do not guarantee 60% or 70% of the market, and now, as an open joint-stock company, the online sites will not be able to throw money to strangle their competitors and climb to the very top.

Next poker boom?

Reloading online poker is likely to shock players who have been in the industry since the first boom, and even more so since the 2007 poker players. The model that was popular during the poker boom was extremely detrimental to the overall state of the game in the long run. Much has gone wrong.

The dominance of online poker qiuqiu onlinehas led to the accumulation of a large number of mistakes in the industry and the inability to fix them when problems first began to make themselves felt. None of their competitors wanted to challenge, fearing that the online sites would be able to use their position to select their players’ bases. But now that the online sites has lost ground, other companies have nothing to fear anymore. It’s unlikely that we’ll see something like the first poker boom, and a profitable reward program is already a relic of the past, but poker could get a new surge in popularity thanks to the influx of new players, new games and innovative products.


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