Why and why NOT gamble on a mobile

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Each of us have our own reasons to gamble. It is common to see people that just want to try out their luck, there are also groups of players that are developing their own systems and want to “rob” the casino and others simply want to experience the feeling on making money out of nothing. Well, whatever your reason is, there is one important thing you should know. Gambling technologies are progressing quite a lot and while just some 50 years ago the slot machine just became digital, yesterday these machines became available in your home. Yes, everyone can easily access regular or bitcoin gambling just from their desktop or a laptop. But this was yesterday. Today it is actually possible to take your favourite game with you no matter where you go. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about gambling on mobile devices and their pros and cons.

Disadvantages of mobile gambling

There are a few weak points when it comes to gambling on your smartphone. The biggest one is, of course, a lack of the sense of completion. When you exit a casino or shutdown your computer, you do feel that gambling time is over. In contrast, your phone is always working and, sometimes, gambling on the phone may get just too addictive.

From the other side, if you are into bitcoin gambling, sometimes managing your account balance may get challenging as there are less mobile-friendly payment gateways that support bitcoins.

Last but not least, the experience is just not the same. Gambling is an activity that you have to appreciate, however the smaller the device is, the less of the experience you can actually feel.


Advantages of gambling on your phone

The strongest point of placing bets from your mobile device is that it is a great time killer, and it is available everywhere. Why do you need to play another boring childish game on your phone if you can actually spend time placing bets and experiencing adrenaline rushes?

Even though bitcoin gambling does not support money operations in a better way, it’s gambling software tends to actually be more advanced. There are even platforms that supply you with more interesting games on mobile than the desktop versions do.

Finally, whether you are into regular or bitcoin gambling, playing your favourite games on your mobile phone is great because you can do it in any place, no matter how remote it is. You can combine it with travelling, commuting or just waiting.

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