Dice Throwing Techniques

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Becoming a master dice controller is a dream for dice (craps) players at online casinos like the viva9988 because learning how to throw and control the dice can affect the outcome of a craps game, as experts say. But just rolling the dice can be daunting for new players. So are there really tips and tricks to help you throw them nicely and win in your game?  Find out in the next section.

Getting Started

First, know that you cannot control or predict the outcome of the dice and you cannot be guaranteed by any system to win in each roll, just like professional baseball pitchers who cannot throw a perfect curve ball in every throw. But every craps player may have witnessed one player making a hot roll number after number and these players throw their dice in almost about the same manner. The reason is that some shooters master a rhythm that makes them monstrous throws and rolls.  So maybe you’re wondering, are they lucky or just skilled?2

How Can You Control Roll Outcomes? Is There a Specific Way?

Craps is a game of probabilities and those are set in stone in a random game. The best tip from some master throwers is that they set which of the faces come up by setting their dice in a certain way and throw them in a special way. What they do is changing the probabilities by reducing the sevens or increasing the appearance of certain numbers.  Here are the steps some players use in controlling the throw.

  1. Set the dice properly.
  2. Stand at a correct distance from the back wall.
  3. Grab and grip the dice nicely.
  4. Throw softly while using only a proper amount of backswing in order that they land gently on the layout. You should make use of a smooth delivery to avoid your dice from bouncing back hard against the back wall. Additionally, you should follow through with the dice throw.
  5. You should hit the back wall and then die. If you are going to miss the back wall, your throw is random and one of the dice is going to do something different from the other die. And if you do miss the back of the table, you should rely on luck for the seven not to appear.

While the above steps take some effort and time to practice (as well as discipline), you will be rewarded in your craps games if you achieve working at it properly.  Practicing more often will also help you learn the skill of throwing your dice in the same manner each time to achieve your goal of controlling the throw while avoiding the number seven to show up, and producing repeating numbers for the same way of throwing the dice.

Common mistakes to avoid

  1. Overestimating the edge and then betting on that overestimated edge, making you lose or win very little.
  2. Not practicing is another mistake! If you want to become a master dice controller and achieve better outcomes in your throws, you should practice more often. Becoming a better dice player is like a professional athlete developing his skills through practice. If you are interested in dice control, know that it is a physical skill that needs hours of practice before mastering it, even if it’s not easy.

While perfecting a controlled dice throw won’t be enough in making you win in every roll at the craps game, you may still want to consider practicing if you want to learn how to play correctly and take advantage of this edge.  Nevertheless, becoming a better player, in almost any game at the viva9988, takes some effort and time in practice but it’s essential if you’re serious about making some profits in every session.




















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