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Tequila Poker is really a casino poker game that came from around 2005. It’s notable to be a significant break in the typical casino poker format of needing to choose from betting or folding, and in addition it includes a very atypical way of evaluating your winning hands with from the bets since only one of these is dependant on typical poker hands.

The Guidelines of Tequila Poker

Before you learn how to crush a game title, you need to truly comprehend the rules as well as their affect on strategy. It begins using the ante wager that you simply place prior to getting worked four cards from the 52-card deck. From all of these four cards, you need to decide between three options: folding, our prime Tequila wager or even the Tequila Poker wager. You simply reach choose one of these simple three options, which means you can’t make both bets simultaneously.


If one makes a wager, it is the same size as the ante, and you will receive two more cards. Came from here, you will need to understand how the 2 bets work to ensure that you may make the very best decision.

The 2 Tequila Bets

Our Prime Tequila wager is dependant on the purpose values from the cards, plus they contain the same return as with blackjack using the bullets always being worth 11 rather than one. Should you accumulate 5 various greatest cards, that will explain the score for the High Tequila wager. This wager wins for those who have a minimum of 46 points out of your five biggest cards. If won by you, your ante pays at 1:1, as well as your other wager pays based on the number of points you get. Getting 46-48 pays 1:1, 49 pays 2:1, 50 pays 3:1, 51 pays 4:1, 52 pays 7:1, 53 pays 15:1 and 54 pays an astonishing 200:1.


The Tequila Poker wager, however, is a lot a lot more like electronic poker. You will be worked two extra cards, and you may use five from the cards inside your hands to help make the most effective five-card poker hands. You will get taken care of a set of bullets or better, and also the relaxation from the paytable reads similar to the 7/5 Jacks or Better paytable that you will see at certain casinos. Really the only exception is the fact that a royal flush pays at 200:1 rather than the 800:1 that you simply frequently see in electronic poker. Out of the box even the situation using the High Tequila wager, obtaining a set of bullets or better puts you capable of get 1:1 in your ante wager with another payout coming in line with the paytable referred to above for the additional wager.

Technique for Tequila Poker

It’s very difficult to construct perfect methods for Tequila Poker that are simple to remember for humans, but computer systems can enjoy each and every situation perfectly due to remarkable ability to do advanced information in milliseconds. Along wrinkles, computer analysis shows us that you ought to take part in the High Tequila wager about 30 % of times, and also the Tequila Poker wager ought to be made about 32 percent of times. This leaves 38 percent of hands that needs to be folded.

The Tequila Poker wager is preferable to folding for those who have any kind of pair inside your first four cards. It is also much better than folding for those who have four cards to some straight or flush, which even applies to inside straight draws that are not usually worth just as much. These straight draws count more because you are getting two cards around the draw rather than one. However, our prime Tequila wager is preferable to folding for those who have a minimum of 28 points together with your top three cards.

With this getting been stated, both teams of conditions is going to be met for many hands, as well as in individuals situations, you will need to choose which wager you believe provides you with the very best payout. Because there isn’t any solid rules for determining between your High Tequila wager and also the Tequila Poker wager, it’s mainly a judgment call the player will need to make by himself.

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