What is the future of football betting?

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Right now football or soccer how is known in some regions of the world) is the most popular sport worldwide.

It has millions upon millions of hardcore fans that sometimes even cry if the team loses a match, it’s really that important for them, a lifestyle if i might say. And because it’s a sport with this level of adoption around the world, there is a niche here dedicated to those individuals that want to turn their passion into profit.

We are talking about betting of course!

Betting is as old as the game itself and in the past few years it saw a growth in popularity, at least in Europe This is thanks (in the large part) to the liga polska scene. Making it way more convenient to place a bet on a match when you cannot go to a brick and mortar betting shop. Ok, but what lays ahead for the betting industry in the near future? What is the future of football betting?

VR will take a huge part in the betting industry

As of now VR is in its infancy, but as time progresses the technology will be more affordable and more and more betting solutions for VR will appear. In the time this article was written, there is no known way you can place a bet in a virtual environment, but this could change fast.

VR can offer you the possibility to have a different perspective on match and place in a bet real time.

Augmented reality may play an important role in the future

In comparison with VR, augmented reality uses the reality that we see and ads on top of it an overlay with relevant information, depending on the case. For betting it can add relevant information for players, past performances, past goals and many more right on top of their heads while you are watching the game in the stadium.

Predictive outcomes done by AI

Right now there are a few individuals in the world that for a certain amount of money, they can give you some matches you can bet on that can benefit you directly with a win, at least in most situations.

But thanks to the advancements done in the Artificial Intelligence area of computing, in the future an Ai can give you predictions based on the date it has collected.

Smart simulated virtual games

Right now virtual football games are programed and in most situations is really hard to create a totally random outcome. But if the games are played by AI, then we are 99,9% sure that the gameplay is totally depending on the AI capacity of playing it.

Right now the AIs are not that smart, but with time they will be really good at playing football. So you can give two AIs the controls of an entire team and the place your bets.

As of now many of the „futuristic products” mentioned above are just a dream, but dreams become reality in most situations. The future will change the betting scene for ever and this is a good thing. Clients will have new ways of spending their money and companies will generate income in different ways. We cannot wait for the new tech that is ready to emerge.


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