Why Aussies love the King almost as much as the Queen

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It began with an Egyptian Queen – a pharaoh to be exact, and for some reason Australians took a liking to this Egyptian diety like no other nation has before. And Where there is a queen there must also be a King….. but is he as popular as his glorious and sometimes generous wife, The Queen of the Nile?

QueenOfTheNile (1)

Egyptian based pokies by Aristocrat are undoubtedly a favourite online pokies game amongst the Aussies. The most recent one is the King of the Nile which is gaining popularity at an alarming rate, such that the “Queen of the Nile” must be jealous!! The king is quite attractive and has everything he needs which he gives generously through the exclusive bonus features of the game. The game is available both in land based casinos and the online casinos, a factor that makes it very convenient to the Aussie players. This ease and convenience associated with the game are outstanding for a new game, and the Australians totally love it for the fun and entertainment.

Also, the game hasn’t actually spread to online casinos outside of Australia and New Zealand, making it a preferred choice amongst the Australians. In addition, you can play the game for as little as $ 0.01 per line! This accommodates all types of Australian players, the high roller risk takers, and the low stake players. This offersan entirely indiscriminating game for the Aussies and allows access to players of all types – from the big spenders to the savvy players.

Graphics and Symbols

The game has exclusive graphics and symbols that are very appealing to the eye. It is based on Egyptian ancient history similar to the Queen of the Nile pokies and Love of the Nile, but its features are better enhanced therefore look real. Therefore, instead of the Aussies traveling to Egypt to visit the historical landmarks, they’d rather play the game and get rewarded in the process. The symbols include the king, the queen, a golden ring, a golden beetle and other traditional Egyptian symbols. In addition, it has high-value card symbols that improve the players’ prize winnings significantly. This consequently has made it a top selection amongst the Australian players – An Aussie Favourite Pokie indeed!

Bonuses and Features

Unlike other online casino games, the King of the Nile stands out with its incredible bonus rounds and free spins. This has made more Aussies to continuously play the game online but it’s the success of this casino game at the Australian casinos that is astonishing. Australians playing this game at the casinos are bound to receive free spins, bonus features from the scatter symbols as well as prizes which are tripled in value when the right combinations are achieved.

Easy accessibility

Well, the King of the Nile is very easy to access. It’s like a friend to the Australians on awful days and who doesn’t love his friends? This accessibility has made it a favourite pass time activity. The ease of accessibility and high compatibility of the game to a variety of devices like tablets, phones, iPhones, and iPads is quite impressive for a new game. It will always come to entertain the Australians during the dull, stressful days or when they are waiting to catch a ride back home.Moreover, the Australians do not need to download any software or application to play the game. The direct access through the browser is just fantastic and makes it easy to access.

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