Your Important Guide to the Best Cat Memes Today

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When it comes to pictures on the Internet, then those of cats are probably the most famous – we all know about the various cat memes that are out there today, and very few of us can’t resist checking them out and seeing what interesting message the creators have come up with again.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, after all; our furry companions have a healthy dose of attitude, and when it comes to curiosity – well, it may hurt them but apparently the myth about it killing them is no longer true. If you love cats, then this one’s for you: here is your important guide to the best cat memes doing the rounds today.

Where it started

Truth be told, cat memes are older than the Internet – although they did not spread so fast. However, the first one to make its global debut was designed in Hawaii and was entitled: ‘I can has cheeseburger.’ In essence, it shows our pet seeming to smile, head tilted in a questioning way, wondering if the treat it has been promised is real. It’s the play of ridiculous English that (in part) made it famous – and this trend continues until now.

When the cat met bread

You’ve seen one of these for sure – the cat seems to have eaten through a slice of bread and is stuck with the slice around its head. It’s quite recent; it became popular only about a year ago, but it’s growing in popularity. It’s the expression on the feline’s face that makes these memes so priceless.

Whether the cat is a kitten or a grumpy old tomcat, the pictures or videos remain funny – and it lends a whole new term to the word ‘in-bred.’ Again, expression and play on language does it every time.

The grumpy one

If there’s anything cats are known for, then it’s being able to tell their ‘hooman’ companions that they are self-sufficient and not intimidated by anyone – hence the popularity of the grumpy cat memes. There are many of them circling the cloud, and one of the most famous ones is by Tardar Sauce, aka Tard, or, simplified: Grumpy Cat. There’s nothing like a feline who has no problems staring you down, and this one does it perfectly.

We have a long history with cats – in ancient times they were often seen as sacred animals, and even now some of us still refuse to cross the path of a black furry feline friend lest it curses us with bad luck. This relationship continues and has taken a hold over us; globally, across cultures. Regardless of our age, background, education, or race, cat memes have taken over. The trend is sure to continue, so make sure to check out the latest cat memes today – and whilst you’re at it, you can even enjoy Kitty Glitter slot games featuring your favourite felines, and perhaps even win a prize or two!

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